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Author’s Checklist

Please go through this list carefully to ensure that your manuscript is ready for submission. To download a PDF version of this checklist, click here.

Manuscript Final Editing

Have you:

  • Made sure that the manuscript conforms to the style outlined in Chicago and in the manuscript guidelines?
  • Prepared a style list and anomalies sheet and checked the manuscript against them?
  • Included all the parts listed in the guidelines?
  • Confirmed the spellings of names and terms, the accuracy of dates and quotations, etc., mentioned in the text?
  • Confirmed that the chapter titles (and subheadings) match the table of contents and all related cross-references?
  • Checked that each footnote/endnote has a corresponding reference number in the text, and vice versa?
  • Checked that the source citations in all footnotes/endnotes match the information in the bibliography?
  • Edited all charts, lists, and tables thoroughly?
  • Confirmed that all captions correspond to the proper images?

Manuscript Preparation

Have you:

  • Followed the electronic file preparation guidelines provided?
  • Double-spaced the text?
  • Used one-inch margins?
  • Numbered the pages?
  • Used Times New Roman font?
  • Avoided complicated formatting (e.g., drop caps, small caps, bold text)?
  • Inserted callouts in the manuscript to designate where images should be placed?
  • Obtained permissions for all images and text under copyright?
  • Prepared the permissions log for all copyrighted material?

Manuscript Submission

Have you:

  • Sent the correct version of the manuscript?
  • Included the style list and anomalies sheet with the manuscript?
  • Supplied all images, tables, and captions (as separate files) in addition to the manuscript?
  • Provided permissions letters and the permissions log with the manuscript?


Contact the Press as soon as possible with any questions or issues.