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Teaching and Learning in Higher Education features compact, practical books about how to teach at the college level. Series books are attentive to challenges and opportunities related to new technologies and incorporate the latest insights from the burgeoning field of cognitive science to impart perspectives on how students actually learn. Emphasizing the importance of “books written by human beings,” the series provides a welcome antidote to jargon-heavy prose more typical of books about higher education. All books in the series have a solid theoretical foundation in the learning sciences, offer practical strategies to working faculty, and provide guidance for further reading and study.

The Teaching and Learning in Higher Education series is currently on hiatus and is not considering new proposals at this time. Please check back in the future for more information.


red, orange, and blue text on a blue background with a photo of college students working in groups in a library

Improving Learning and Mental Health in the College Classroom
Robert Eaton, Steven V.
Hunsaker, and Bonnie Moon

White text on purple, pink, orange, green, and blue stripes with faint geometric patterns in the background

Inclusive Teaching
Kelly A. Hogan and
Viji Sathy

light green background with broken pink chalk in the center; title in white, subtitle and editor name in teal

Picture a Professor
Edited by Jessamyn Neuhaus

Teaching Matters book cover: pink, blue, orange, and yellow geometric shapes

Teaching Matters
Aeron Haynie and
Stephanie Spong

Remembering and Forgetting in the Age of Technology book cover: Book title and subtitle in red, white, orange, and pink against an orange background

Remembering and Forgetting in the Age of Technology
Michelle D. Miller

Minding Bodies cover

Minding Bodies
Susan Hrach

Skim, Dive, Surface cover

Skim, Dive, Surface
Jenae Cohn

Ungrading cover

Edited by Susan D. Blum
With a foreword by Alfie Kohn

Radical Hope
Kevin M. Gannon