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Salvaging the Anthropocene Series

Salvaging the Anthropocene will publish short, plainly written books about daily intellectual, artistic, social, and aesthetic responses to global environmental degradation. Starting from the premise that these practices may transform rather than merely manage the despair entailed by recognizing the scale and depth of environmental problems, the series focuses on how social actors–artists, designers, bloggers, citizen reporters, photographers, mapmakers, geocachers, hikers, knitters, canners, gardeners, activists, gamers, lifestyle minimalists, protesters, tourists, hoarders, ascetics, scavengers, freegans, and more–salvage both material and meaning in the era of ecological catastrophe.

Salvaging the Anthropocene fills a gap in the scholarly conversation about the humanities’ relationship to environmental concerns by publishing concise books about these generative engagements with the Anthropocene. It promises to be the premier outlet for scholarship that addresses not simply how humans have made climate change, but what humans make of its effects.  

Series Editor:

Stephanie Foote is Jackson and Nichols Professor of English at West Virginia University and the cofounder and editor of Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental Humanities.  

Editorial Advisory Board:

Hester Blum, Pennsylvania State University
Allison Carruth, UCLA
Jeffrey Cohen, George Washington University
William Gleason, Princeton University
Jeff Insko, Oakland University
Anthony Lioi, The Juilliard School
Dana Luciano, Georgetown University

For more information:

Authors interested in submitting proposals for consideration should contact Stephanie Foote at or Than Saffel at

indigenous ecocinema cover

Indigenous Ecocinema
Salma Monani

white background with a crossection of a tree

Ecologies of a Storied Planet in the Anthropocene
Serpil Oppermann

garden shed with trimmed branches and raised bed gardens in front with overlay of translucent yellow and white circles

Almanac for the Anthropocene
Edited by Phoebe Wagner
and Brontë Christopher