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Established in 1937, the Rural Sociological Society promotes the generation, application, and dissemination of sociological knowledge. The Society seeks to enhance the quality of rural life, communities, and the environment.

Sponsored by the Rural Sociological Society, the Rural Studies Series features books on a wide range of topics related to rural social issues. Of special interest are studies examining community and rural social organization, the social dimensions of agriculture, rural populations and economies, natural resources and the environment, and rural poverty and livelihood strategies.

The Rural Studies Series promotes the scholarly analysis of rural social issues, publishing well-written and well-conceptualized manuscripts on a wide range of topics of interest to a broad readership. The Rural Studies Series plays a vital role in publishing high quality scholarship aimed at improving the lives of rural people. The series has been especially effective in bringing to the attention of national- and state-level policy makers the policy and program suggestions arising from the research presented in its volumes. In some cases, publications have alerted us to new and emerging frameworks and ideas (Brown and Swanson, 2003); in others the series has focused on specific issues and populations important to rural communities and areas. In many cases, articles or chapters from these books have become required reading in both graduate and undergraduate classes. Books in the series have contributed both to the intellectual capital of the Rural Sociological Society and to the field of rural sociology.

The series editor and board seek out well-written and well-conceptualized manuscripts on a wide range of topics of interest to a broad readership. The Rural Studies Series is especially interested in manuscripts that address the connections between the local and global, the embeddedness of social structure and social processes in the organization of social space, and the integration of rural places within the global system. Books in the series are meant to speak to a broad readership, including scholars from all the social sciences, policy makers, and the general public. Proposals are welcome from authors in all fields and do not need to be members of RSS for consideration.

Series Editor:

Spencer D. Wood, Associate Professor of Sociology, Kansas State University

Contact Information:

Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work
204 Waters Hall
1603 Old Claflin Place
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 666506

Visit or a local bookseller to purchase the following previously published RSS titles:

  • Patricia Allen, Together at the Table: Sustainability and Sustenance in the American Agrifood System, 2004
  • Michael Bell, Farming for All of Us: Practical Agriculture and the Cultivation of Sustainability, 2004
  • Alessandro Bonanno and Douglas Constance, Stories of Globalization: Transnational Corporations, Resistance, and the State, 2008
  • DavidBrown and Louis Swanson, eds., Challenges for Rural America in the Twenty First Century, 2004
  • Hugh Campbell, et. al., Country Boys: Masculinity and Rural Life, 2006
  • Laura Enríquez, Reactions to the Market: Small Farmers in the Economic Reshaping of Nicaragua, Cuba, Russia, and China, 2010
  • David Griffith, American Guestworkers: Jamaicans and Mexicans in the U.S. Labor Market, 2006
  • David Griffith, The Estuary's Gift: An Atlantic Coast Cultural Biography, 1999
  • Olaf Larson and Julie Zimmerman, Sociology in Government: The Galpin-Taylor Years in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1919–1953, 2003
  • Peter A. Morrison, ed., A Taste of the Country A Collection of Calvin Beale's Writings, 2002
  • Kathleen Pickering, et. al., Welfare Reform in Persistent Rural Poverty Dreams, Disenchantments, and Diversity, 2006
  • Kai Schafft and Alecia Youngblood, eds., Rural Education for the Twenty-First Century: Identity, Place, and Community in a Globalizing World, 2010
  • Suzanne Tallichet, Daughters of the Mountain: Women Coal Miners in Central Appalachia, 2006
  • Wynne Wright and Gerad Middendorf, eds., The Fight Over Food Producers, Consumers, and Activists Challenge the Global Food System, 2007
  • Julie Zimmerman and Olaf F. Larson, Opening Windows onto Hidden Lives: Women, Country Life, and Early Rural Sociological Research, 2010

Learning to Leave cover

Learning to Leave
Michael Corbett

Governing the Wind Energy Commons
Keith A. Taylor

The Rope Swing

The Contradictions of Neoliberal Agri-Food 
Kae Sekine and Alessandro Bonanno

Rural America in a Globalizing World

Rural America in a
Globalizing World

Edited by Conner Bailey, Leif Jensen,
and Elizabeth Ransom

California Dreaming

California Dreaming
Paul J.P. Sandul