About Us

WVU Press Staff

We are a small but dedicated professional staff. The West Virginia University Press provides a complete range of publishing services—copyediting, design, production supervision, advertising, publicity, sales, and marketing. We do not publish The Daily Athenaeum and are not involved with production of any WVU magazines, catalogs, or course packets.

AAUP Membership

West Virginia University Press was accepted as a member of the Association of American University Presses in 2002.

WVU Press Mission Statement

WVU Press

A university press is an extension of its parent institution, charged with serving the public good by publishing works of scholarly, intellectual, and creative merit. West Virginia University Press’s primary goal is to find, develop, select, and publish scholarship and creative works of highest quality and enduring value. Through the publication of all such works, WVU Press helps to fulfill West Virginia University’s land-grant mission.