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Kartoon Kings

Paul Krainak
HC  978-1-933202-24-2 


Kartoon Kings is the first monographic and comprehensive analysis of the graphic artwork of Simon Grennan and Christopher Sperandio. This work showcases a collection of full-color images excerpted from comic book projects, videos, billboards, and more of the artists’ collaborative public contributions created over the past fifteen years. To supplement the images an interview with the artists by Kristina Olson is included, along with essays by Joshua Decter and Paul Krainak. Grennan and Sperandio work together by conspiring about their creative ideas on the Internet. Their teamwork must be done this way because Grennan lives in England, while Sperandio lives in the United States.

More of Sperandio and Grennan’s work can be seen at


Christopher Sperandio was born in Kingwood, West Virginia and studied art at West Virginia University and painting at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Simon Grennan was born in London, England and studied sculpture at the University of Reading and the University of Illinois, Chicago.


"Mr. Grennan and Mr. Sperandio tweak our notion of what art is and who it is for."
Roberta Smith, The New York Times